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Travel Log of 1311, #2

I think this is going to be a long entry. A lot has happened since we last rested and I had a chance to jot down what we've been up to, and I'll try to cover it as best as I can remember.

Setting up RDS MySQL to Aurora replication

This is purely written for my own edification and documents a process I recently undertook that worked just terrifically.

Travel Log of 1311, #1

I will attempt to keep track of our events and document them as thoroughly as I can remember them. I will begin when we first noticed something was off.

The Ruins of Thundertree

Having gathered a few hours rest holed up in a ruined cottage, amongst the corpses of the twig blights just barely slain, our adventurers patch their wounds from their recent tussle with a young dragon, and continue forth. Remembering what was told to them by the druid Reidoth, they decide to seek out more information about the strangers seen lurking

Adding Laravel's Storage facade into Lumen

UPDATED (2016-09-30) - this post was originally written for Lumen 5.2, and has now been updated with the correct code for Lumen 5.3 also - the only change is at the very end, but please read the full post anyway. Thanks to Kevin for his input! Since it was 'taken out' in 5.2, putting the Storage facade