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January 21, 2017

The Ruins of Thundertree

Having gathered a few hours rest holed up in a ruined cottage, amongst the corpses of the twig blights just barely slain, our adventurers patch their wounds from their recent tussle with a young dragon, and continue forth. Remembering what was told t ...
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May 28, 2016

Adding Laravel's Storage facade into Lumen

UPDATED (2016-09-30) - this post was originally written for Lumen 5.2, and has now been updated with the correct code for Lumen 5.3 also - the only change is at the very end, but please read the full post anyway. Thanks to Kevin for his input! Since ...
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April 01, 2016

Teaching a robot emotions

I was tasked by my psychologist to write something detailing how I would teach a robot emotions, and I thought the best way to accomplish this would be to write a short story, so here it is. "UNRECOGNISED INPUT DETECTED, USER INTERVENTION REQUIR ...
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